Glentex who? Vintage Scarf what?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sarara Vintage image of 40s Glentex Scarf details.
If you ever think of Glentex at all, then you probably envision the later more common 50s-60s print scarves.  It seems that Glentex has more history to offer!  I was forced to think deeper when I found a 1940s, maybe early 50s era Glentex scarf, which was rayon, sequin and frankly done very well. It has a couture feel in many ways.  The cut is glorious!   So what about Glentex? And what about Elsa Schiaparelli's connection to the brand... I am getting ahead of myself.

Vintage Schiaparelli Scarf ad from magazine.

So, looking at this newest 40s find, I thought hum, it does have a certain Schiaparelli flair, but alas her coupling with Glentex was much later.

November 1946. Glentex Scarf Ad. From my personal collection. Image copy property of Sarara Vintage.
Exhibit A. Schiaparelli and Glentex's history.  Exhibit B. Gloria Vanderbilt licensed a line of scarves in the 70s with Glentex....

Well, if you look the trademark up, this is what you find- That it is a registered trademark first applied for in 1939, specializing in Ladies Scarfs and Handkerchiefs owned by Honey Fashions, Ltd. Glensder Textile Co.   After this information, I saw a New York address and a website lead/emails and a Quebec contact list.  There was not much on the current site but email addresses. So I contacted the current owners!

In 1948, if I remember correctly they switched to the Duck in the rain logo or at least trademarked it for use beginning around 48 or 49.

The label on my is piece is early and maybe the earliest style, I am currently looking for the 1939 example.

1952 Glentex ad, Honey Fashions.  Notice the original New York address mentioned in the original trademark below.

1940s-early 50s Glentex Scarf. No tag, but displays similar cut, material and sequins. Image property of  Poppys Vintage Clothing
From what I have seen as an accessories seller, they produced accessories such as beaded collars via Japan and scarf pins as well.  Many scarves were also made in Japan by the company of various fabrics including silk.  Glentex was well popular through the 50s and famous as a brand working with Schiaparelli and other designers such as Gloria Vanderbilt by the 60s-70s.

Glentex tags on collars and scarfs during the 50s are very similar Glentex italic script as seen in the above ad with made in Japan below often on collars. I have also seen some made in India for Glentex. Simple white background and yellow lettering.

A similar tag is used in the 60s -look at the script on the ad below. Below I have also included a 50s-60s label example closeup from a pearl beaded collar.

Closeup. Sarara Vintage. 1950s Collar beaded Japanese tag for Glentex.

Sarara Vintage cropped closeup of 50s-60s Glentex Trademark in ad.

Current Glentex or Honey Fashions Ltd. company records for New York indicate that they produce today:

"Manufactures women`s hair accessories, gloves, handbags, belts, scarves, shawls, & kids backpacks Bismalemide fabric or cloth, Graphite fabric or cloth, Glass fabric or cloth, Resin impregnated fabric or cloth, Wire mesh fabric or cloth, Lace, Netting, Mesh, Coated fabrics, Upholstery fabrics, Hook and loop fabrics or tapes, Elastic braid..."via

1940s Glentex Scarf/Tie. Sarara Vintage Image.

TO BE Continued...... ( I will post the results of the interview or info acquired via the contact etc.- if any) For now here is a sneak peak at the scarf I am posting in the vintage scarf this week!

I did find a contact phone but they directed me to someone else. So to sum it up no real response. I may try one other thing, but I get the sense that they maybe wholesale or manufacture for others under that name if it is the same old Glentex!

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Bonni said...

Really interesting! Did you ever find out anything more about Glentex history?

Sarara Vintage said...

Thanks! I posted the update but the long and short of it is, they seem to have just a phone number contact associated with Glentex. I got the impression that they wholesale but found no one willing to comment on the relationship to the Glentex of old! If anyone knows please feel free to comment:)

Sarara Vintage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dianne Mueller said...

I love the research you have done on Glentex. I just found a lovely floral square about 33" and the tag reads: Glentex REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. ALL SILK no mention of Japan. The edges seem hand rolled.

Aged Chic said...

Greetings from Philadelphia. Found your blog while searching Glentex. I've got an item that is NOT a scarf! I've got a short sleeve black eyelet 3-button bolero jacket that looks late 50s very early 60s. Thought that was an interesting deviation from the scarves.

KShelt15 said...

I found a vintage 2-button bolero style jacket of my grandmother's with the Glentex label. We were trying to date in when I found your blog. Guessing it's late 50's or early 60's. Gorgeous brocade weave with black, white, and gold floral pattern and heavy black braid piping.
I want to attach a picture but don't think I can here.
Kimberly, LA

wyzmom said...

I have a Glentex Scarf that screams Schiaparelli Surrealism and thought you might like to see it. It is a label too that you don't have on your site. :) Let me know if you want more images and thank you for this wonderful information. Suzanne @MaisonettedeMadness Shop.

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