Who is Lilli Diamond? Get that 50s Hollywood Glam Look

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lilli Diamond, 1960's Fashion ad.

If you collect or sell vintage designs, than you have probably run across a Lilli Diamond frock. I had the pleasure of selling the most divine Lilli Diamond little black dress to a Fashion editor in London, I hope it is having a good life! I am sure it has been to at least one event again!! I think Lilli Diamond's black dresses, in particular, are a great go to for a 1950s hollywood look.
Well, just who is Lilli Diamond?

Lilli began her career in Los Angeles California in 1951, specializing in evening wear such as prom dresses and gowns. Her materials of choice included lace, feathers, and sequins which added to her unique design perspective. She continued to design into the late 1970's.

1970s Dot Print Lilli Diamond Dress. Sarara Vintage, image by Shary Connella.

The style that she is most known for is the fitted bodice and hoop style bottom. She loved pastels and  juxtaposition. My dress was created with a pale pastel lining under a black lace bodice. The cut was absolutely amazing! She knew how to design a dress for a woman's body. She also did great wiggle dresses, which narrow at the bottom near the knees creating an hour glass figure.  They were said to make you wiggle when you walked. In the 1970's her dresses went longer but she still used her signature embellishments. Her cocktail and evening wear was worn by the important women of her time.

Sarara Vintage image of 1950s-60s Lilli Diamond lace dress.

Lilli Diamond, image and dress at Museum of Florida History. Worn by Margie Mixson, wife of the Lieutenant Governor, Wayne Mixson, wore this gown to the first inaugural ball of Governor Bob Graham in 1979.

If you are looking for a great 1950's dress or really a great vintage little black dress -Lilli Diamond would be where I would begin. What I love about Lilli's dresses, especially her black dresses are that they always have a tailored eye and embellishments to make them unique. The central aspect to many of them is their sort of old hollywood flair. One would easily fit in at a Hollywood film premier or party.

Lilli Diamond dress, Vivavintageclothing.com

Lilli Diamond Dress, 1970's. Thegoddessroom.net

Shrimpton Couture, image. 1950's sequin Lilli Diamond dress.


Aerilia said...

Lilli Diamond is named after a real person, married to a Ukrainian man named Al Diamond. She was his muse and he designed the dresses with her in his mind. She is really old now and was acting well into her 80s. I was reading an article about it in Frankie magazine.

Sarara Vintage said...

Hi Aerillia thanks well this is sort of but it was her who designed and Al did exist but he was Russian. Her new about page has some great info here: http://www.lillidiamond.com/about.html

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